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Emergency Services

Cedar Valley Exteriors is ready to respond when a catastrophic storm damages your property.  Our emergency service experience and CATwrap product mitigate further water intrusion and damage while a property works through the insurance restoration process toward repair and reconstruction. 


CATwrap Emergency Response

CATWrap™ is an effective, emergency mitigation product and service exclusively offered by Cedar Valley Exteriors.  It is a “shrink-wrap “ for commercial and residential building exteriors, and used in storm-damaged areas to prevent further property damage while a structure is being dried out or repaired.

CATWrap is applied just like shrink-wrap, using an unique heat-sealing process to completely enclose a building in a seamless protective casing.  It's a versatile product that can be used on residential and commercial properties of any size.

CATWrap™ offers many advantages over the traditional “blue tarp”:

  • Superior alternative in mitigating further water intrusion and damage
  • Lasts up to two years in the sun and will not disintegrate
  • Seams are heat sealed shut
  • Can be applied to flat roofs, pitched roofs, and even sidewalls
  • Covered by most insurance companies as loss mitigation
  • Cost is comparable to “blue tarps"

For more information on catastrophe and emergency response with CatWrap product and installation, contact Cedar Valley Exteriors at:
800.871.7115 or info@CedarValleyExteriors.com